Sample Collection

  • On-site analysis is performed

  • Sample media is collected in appropriate bottle. (Bottle type is determined by analysis method.)

  • Samples are cooled to 6° C to ensure sample preservation

  • Field QA/QC documentation and Chain of Custody are completed during sample collection

Certified Ana-Lab Field Technician

Transportation to Laboratory

  • All Samples are shipped overnight in a cooler containing:

  • Ice to ensure appropriate temperature

  • Field QA/QC documentation and Chain of Custody that will stay with the sample until report is generated

  • All coolers are sealed with a custody seal and marked for short holds or rushes

Trusted Overnight Courier

Laboratory Sample Receipt

  • Proper holding time and temperature are verified upon arrival

  • All samples are logged into our system and assigned a sample ID

  • Samples are transported to laboratory cooler to await analysis

Certified Ana-Lab Laboratory Technician