Ana-Lab provides accurate, legally defensible results delivered with integrity, supported by hard data, and backed by our extensive list of accreditations, including ISO 17025.

Access your test results online through our client portal.

What is WebLDS?

Ana-Lab's WebLDS portal provides our customers with real-time 24-hour access to their data. Clients can watch the progress of their samples from login to data reporting as they are completed in our lab.

We designed WebLDS to provide reliable communication between our clients and laboratory personnel assisting them with their analytical needs.

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WebLDS Portal

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Can multiple people have access to the same account on WebLDS?

Yes. The primary contact associated with your account can request as many additional users as needed. Users may also be associated with multiple accounts.

How do I access my sample results?

If you have credit terms with Ana-Lab, WebLDS gives you access to your results 24/7. Once you login, click on “Samples.” Next, select the link to the project or sample you want to view.

If you do not have credit terms with Ana-Lab, your results will be emailed to you once the invoice is paid. If you need an additional copy of a report, our project management team can resend it to you by phone or email request.

If I do not see my samples on WebLDS, who should I contact?

Please allow 24 hours before your sample is visible in WebLDS. If this timeline has exceeded please contact

What do I do if my sample info is wrong in WebLDS or my report?

Our project management team is readily available to assist with any issues. Please e-mail with your project information and the requested corrections.

Note: Analysis results and accompanying data cannot be adjusted per client request.

Who do I contact if I cannot access WebLDS?

You can reach out to for any issues with WebLDS.

How soon can I expect to receive my lab test results?

Standard turnaround time is 7–10 business days for most analyses. Some analyses may require more time to process and report. Your analysis can be RUSHED for additional fees. Rush ability timelines depend on the requested analysis. Please advise your project manager during your quote request if you would like results rushed.

Can I submit a correct COC after the sample is submitted?

Yes, A corrected COC may be submitted after the sample is received, unless it is a form governed by other regulatory agencies. It needs to state “Corrected COC” at the top. All corrections must be initialed and dated with a single line striked through the wrong information.

What do the flags mean on my report?

Flags normally represent an abnormality with or during the testing. From holding times to matrix spikes. A brief description of the flag can be found at the end of your results page of the report. If you need a more detailed description please visit our Flag Guide by clicking here.